The Top Reasons Weight Training is Great for You!

1. Resistance training can increase fat-free mass and reduce body fat by 1-9%
2. Heavier loads are most effective for motor recruitment. The effects of training are related to the type of exercise used, it’s intensity and it’s volume.
3. Circuit training and programs using high volume and short rest periods have been shown to improve VO2 max
4. Skeletal muscle adaptations to anaerobic muscular endurance training include fiber type transitions and increases in mitochondrial and capillary numbers, buffering capacity, resistance to fatigue, and metabolic enzyme activity.
5. Heavy resistance training with slow velocities of movement leads primarily to improvements in maximal strength.
6. Increases in lean tissue mass, daily metabolic rate, and energy expenditure during exercise are outcomes of resistance training.
7. The combination of resistance training and stretching appears to be the most effective method to improve flexibility with increasing muscle mass.
-Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning (Baechle and Earle, 2008)