Just this week, a client of mine gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl!  Congratulations to the new parents and their newborn Charleigh!

Her mother has been a dedicated client for almost two years and I was ecstatic to help her with a new stage in life.  However, this would have been the very first time I was offered the opportunity to work with someone through pregnancy.  Thankfully, I had learned many principals of fitness from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Metro State University.

So I did a little more research through the materials provided me by my certifications.   After I completed my search, I communicated to my client what our new strategy would be.  We would steadily decrease intensity as she progressed into her pregnancy, while focusing on core strength and improving strength endurance that directly relates to the delivery process.  For example, she and I focused on the lower deep core muscles with balance, stability and mobility exercises.

Isometric Lunge with Shoulder Flexion

Isometric Lunge with Shoulder Flexion- Begin

Isometric Lunge with Shoulder Flexion

Isometric Lunge with Shoulder Flexion- End

For me and my clients, continuously educating oneself gives us all the advantages.  I am grateful each time a new challenge arises that I am able to spend as much time as needed to seek out the answer.  I dug deeper into training for pregnancy while working with my client and her new goals.  Precision Nutrition gave me a larger understanding with this easy to read infographic (below).


So, is exercis while pregnant going to benefit the mother and child?  Absolutely it is!  It is not only a benefit, it is also recommended to remain active and strong while pregnant!

I am looking forward to the next opportunity and challenge of training a pregnant client again.  If they are anything like my current client, she will have the best intentions of health before, during and after pregnancy for herself and baby!

Exercise during Pregnancy 1Exercise during pregnancy 2Exercise during Pregnancy 3