Save time and money by slicing, dicing and combining vegetables in ziplock bags for dinners this coming week!

First step is to plan out dinners each night of the week.  Once all shopping is complete for meal prep AND dinners, begin slicing vegetables for breakfast, lunches and planned dinners.

Anything and everything that can be sliced on Sunday for a dinner later that week will be combined together to be conveniently cooked later.   As seen below, the vegetables for Honey Balsamic Chicken Breast are prepared Sunday, placed in a ziplock bag and stored in the freezer until the morning of!


Chopping vegetables for planned dinners while cooking all other meal prep will save time AND money!

For Honey Balsamic Chicken Breast, see full recipe here.

The second way that dinner may help your weekly prep is pictured below!  Cook extra at dinner and divide into meal prep containers for a quick grab and go meal.


Cooking extra at dinner can provide a few extra meals for the week.


Portioned out into meal containers makes for an easy lunch tomorrow!