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We all have that friend or coworker who has got it going on!  She has the ability to juggle EVERYTHING in front of her!  We ask ourselves, “How does she manage so much in business and life when she has the same number of hours in a day as I do?”

A valued client mentioned something in passing to me a couple of weeks ago and it got me thinking about how this could be possible for me and my clients.

“Manage Energy, Not Time.”

And those four words stuck with me over the course of two weeks, encouraging me to give it a shot! But where to begin?  I began with a simple google search…


And landed on a Harvard Business Review article from 2007 by Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy titled Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time. This certainly isn’t a new concept but until now I hadn’t even thought about my own energy levels and where they needed to be in order to accomplish all that I would like.

After reading more, I knew I had to take a good look at myself!

Step One: What am I eating?

I love getting all of my weekly meals done ahead of my extremely busy work weeks. However, if those meals aren’t built to provide me with energy, then I have wasted my energy and time instead of creating it! Now that’s a concept I can get behind.  And with a certification from Precision Nutrition, I began to plan out my meals better with the help of our 6 week virtual meal prep workshop.

Solution #1. I planned meals out with energy and time in mind. As much as I knew I would create both over the course of the week, I knew I had to boost my energy level with up to 5 vegetables for every one piece of fruit to give me that sustainable energy.

Step Two: How am I sleeping?

Haha! That’s a joke, right? As an entrepreneur, getting enough sleep is a mystical as Sasquatch, right? That’s what I thought too. Until… I really began to crunch the numbers of sleep. OK, getting less than 7 hours each night(which is the minimum recommended) every once in a while might work out for us. However, string those sleepless nights together for a couple of weeks and the compounding effect will drain your last bit of energy within the first few days. By the end of those two weeks, we will be zombies and our productivity will be next to nothing. Solution #2, set your sleep schedule and stick to it! I respect my clients well enough that I know I won’t get any business done after 8pm, so I begin to wind down at that time and am in bed by 9:30. I set myself up for success the next day by getting solid sleep and boosting productivity to the next level!

Step Three: Am I getting enough exercise?

Making time for myself is very difficult. As a fitness professional, I have a servant’s heart and feel the best use of my time is helping others reach their goals. However, if I am not taking care of myself, none of my clients will see their best results either. Therefore, I make exercise a priority each day. Leading by example helps others see that it is possible to juggle a career, family and still make my own fitness a priority. Every day of the week doesn’t have to be the most intense workout ever! There is a time and a place for active rest and recovery, even for the highest level athletes. How does this relate to energy? Aren’t I just wasting that half hour to an hour a day working out?

NO! In fact, the higher the priority exercise is in your life, the higher output of energy you will see you are capable of reaching. I promise that your body is capable of so much more than you think, constantly surprising you with reaching new energy levels.

I also began to put it into perspective and how this idea can help my clients. I see many people working to the bone, long hours yet not reaching the pinnacle of success that is their goals!

From now on, I will recommend to my clients to follow this perspective to see their goals met in order to accomplish more in the same amount of time.  For more details on Meal Preparation to Save Time and Money, follow me to

learntomealprep.com for a limited time special price!

“The core problem with working longer hours is that time is a finite resource. Energy is a different story. Defined in physics as the capacity to work, energy comes from four main wellsprings in human beings: the body, emotions, mind, and spirit” (2007).

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time- Schwartz and McCarthy