What is the first step for you to beginning a healthy nutrition program?!

Read on to find out the very first step we take with all of our clients at Fit Life Champions to set them up with the best nutrition plan!

We always begin with determining our clients’ body types, body weight, body composition and activity level prior to beginning a program, whether that is exercise or nutrition. This is normally done in a consultation type appointment to set expectations and goals. We know that setting aside the time to get to know our clients individual needs will serve them best!

So, which body type would you most closely relate to from the three below?


Got it?  OK, great!

Please select from one of the following body types to receive your FREE macro-nutrient guide!  Includes your macro-nutrient breakdown and percentages plus a handy circumference measurement table to remember where you started!




Thank you for taking the time to download the macro-nutrient guide!  One of the many tools you receive with the learntomealprep.com system!  Soon to be an eBook!