Fit Life Champions began over five years ago with one trainer, Dave, and his mom as his first client!  We found a home in a large private studio space and spent the first three and a half years impacting lives in Denver and online through safe and educational workout programs.

Today, we have our own modest studio space inside of Dave’s jiu-jitsu gym, Colorado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu West, with two additional teammates!  All trainers are certified and passionate about working with our niche, 25-40 year old women with a history of trauma that wish to become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally!  The trauma our clients have experienced ranges from car accidents to raising children to sexual assault and beyond.  We have a network of professionals that we refer to as the experts in their field and we are just one piece of the puzzle to reach your goals!  We use fitness and nutrition to balance your lifestyle to help you reach your goals, decrease stress, and show up as your most authentic self!

After five years in business, we have found that when we combine a client’s purpose with an effective and proven workout and nutrition program, we reach your goals quicker and safer!  Therefore, we include mindset coaching with our fitness and nutrition programs to truly connect with your inner Champion!

Our core values include community, safety, education, and transparency and all of our services and decisions are developed to enrich your life through empathic coaching!