Can A Plant-based Athlete Get Enough Protein?

With me switching to a plant-based diet—and therefore plant-based protein sources—this was of course an issue of concern. I am an active guy. I love being active. The idea that I'm not properly fueling my body is something to think about.

5 Types of Plant Based Diets

The first week had me asking a lot of questions. Eating habits can be pretty tough to break, so I wanted to really understand what a plant-based diet would look like for me individually.

Red Rocks Workouts

That was my initiation to a long time Colorado tradition of running the stairs... over and over again. My quads and lungs would burn but I knew why I was there.

5 Fun Facts about Fitness

Exercising boosts brain activity and helps build new brain cells. We've been mindful about teaching healthy habits in our community and encouraging our members to set boundaries around their screen time, especially with all the extra time at home.

Guided Meditation with Laura Love

Laura Ellen Love is a yoga certified instructor that shares many of the same passions we do at FLC Online. She believes that fitness, nutrition, and a strong mind body connection helps us improve mental health and we couldn't agree more!

Guest Instructor: Daniel Chacon

Daniel Chacon is a jiu-jitsu black belt, an expert muay thai instructor, and my teammate at Easton Martial Arts Academy. Could everyone in the Fit Life Champions community, please welcome my friend and special guest instructor?!