Over four years ago, we began working with personal training clients the same questions kept popping up over and over again!

We thought we would save you time by consolidating them into one location so that you can quickly accesd all that Fit Life Champions has to offer you!

To register as a client for classes or one on one training:

Please go to https://fitlifechampions.ptminder.com/

Click “sign up” in the top right-hand corner

Become a client in this system by entering a valid email address and a password in the “New to our site” fields, select Next

You’ll be prompted to answer a few questions

Fill out the waiver
Then, please go to “Store”

Search for “Small Group Drop In” and select it by clicking “Buy” (it shows a $40 value)

***In the discount field, enter “park” and select “Apply Discount”

Click purchase
Go to “Calendar”

Click on Saturday’s “Semi Private Group Training”

Click on “Sign up to this class”

You’re registered!

How do I sign up for a consultation online?

  1. Sign up to become a client with Fit Life Champions at https://fitlifechampions.ptminder.com
  2. Fill out the quick questionnaire to give your trainer current goals, finish this step by signing the electronic waiver
  3. Once you are signed in, find the Consultation Assessment option
  4. When it asks you for payment, use the code “Goals” to redeem your complimentary session!
  5. Book a consultation either for an in-person assessment (60 minutes) or over the phone consultation (30 minutes) with your trainer of choice at https://fitlifechampions.ptminder.com  and find access to the Calendar (in the nav bar up top) once you are logged in
  6. Find your trainer of choice or the person who invited you in a click an open time slot, pick either 60 or minutes for in-person or 30 minutes over the phone!
  7. Come prepared with questions about who we are at Fit Life Champions and how we can help you reach your goals!
  8. Come dressed for exercise because we will perform body composition and strength assessments
  9. Be coachable and open minded to connect with your trainer of choice

How do I pay for my Online Personal Training program with Fit Life Champions?  

  1. Log in to PTMinder https://fitlifechampions.ptminder.com/
  2. Go to the gear wheel in upper right hand corner
  3. Click on My Profile
  4. Selected the top tab for Payment Method
  5. Add credit card info and communicate to your trainer this has been completed

How do I receive my Online Personal Training program from Fit Life Champions?

  1. Trainer adds your 12 week package to your account, completing the billing process
  2. Trainer invites you to become a client in ProCoach (Fit Life clients only)
  3. Client fills out detailed questionnaire to select the appropriate nutrition and workout program
  4. Trainer emails client Custom Nutrition Guide in PDF form!  See example below
  5. Client begins receiving a daily email from ProCoach Nutrition and Workout system
  6. Client checks in daily with program to receive workouts and nutrition coaching
  7. Client sees amazing results!
  8. Client tells all of their friends to call Fit Life Champions!
  9. Client receives $50 credit for each confirmed referral!


How do I begin the September Challenge that I’ve heard so much about?

This annual challenge has accomplished so much in the three previous years with out amazing clients!  Previous winners include John, down 10 pounds in a month and 2% body fat!  Diane dropped a whopping 1.5% body fat last year doing her program completely online!

We love to include all of our clients in challenges and contests to get the body moving and reset our busy lifestyles!  Now that the kids are back in school, we know that our schedules settle down a lot.  But that doesn’t mean we can put up our feet and relax with our newfound free time!  We’ve got to get back to work so that we can keep moving forward or prevent getting sick(our kids bring home everything this time of year)!

Included in your challenge is a complimentary consultation, a weekly group coaching call for motivation and nutrition recommendations to get the most out of your three day per week workout schedule!

Keep reading for additional instructions to book your consultation now, either in-person or over the phone if online training is the right fit for you!

“Is there an easy way to track my nutrition for an endomorphic body type with the macros of 35% protein, 25% Carbs, 40% Fat?”
The easiest way to track this is with My Fitness Palor from Precision Nutrition’s infographic
or even visualizing your plate as a pie chart broken down into sections like this recent blog post!