7 Steps to Begin a Strength Program Safely

  1. Consult a physician– It is always best to ensure that you are physically cleared for exercise by your doctor so that you will not encounter any setbacks during your training.
  2. Seek out a professional– Personal trainers are passionate about serving others through fitness and nutrition.  They may have many years of experience under their belt but do their certifications reflect exactly what you are looking for in your specific goals?  As in certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), these trainers are more geared toward athletes and their top performance!  The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has certifications that help broaden the spectrum of training, from injury rehab to injury prevention in elite level athletes.
  3. Perform Baseline Assessments– Establishing an exact baseline of where you began your journey is beneficial for you and your fitness professional!  Body weight, composition, circumference and strength assessments are accurate ways of tracking results over time, even if the scale doesn’t reflect a major change.  Your coach will know exactly what results you are getting if assessments are regularly incorporated into a program.  At Fit Life Champions, we prefer to obtain quantitative data every 12 weeks!
  4. Choose Goal Specific Exercises- Select a program geared toward your goals and based on the assessments you and your trainer completed in your first meeting.  What works for a 16-year-old standout soccer star, won’t work for a brand new mother of twins!
  5. Stay Consistent– Regular check-ins with your coach or trainer will drastically improve your chances of reaching your desired outcome!  Your fitness professional is qualified to handle many obstacles that arise in your journey to make changes in your lifestyle.
  6. Be Flexible– The body is a tremendous machine that adapts at its own pace.  Some clients on a program will progress quicker than others, and please remember not to become frustrated with yourself!  Even slow progress is still progress.  Keep moving forward and your coach will guide you to wherever it is that you wish to be within a reasonable timeframe!
  7. Never give up– You began this journey with amazing intentions to complete it.  When things get challenging and you want to throw in the towel, remember why you began in the first place.  One way we accomplish this with our members is to fill out a client commitment letter.  This is a tool purely to remind and reset our clients’ focus on the goal or outcome they sought originally.

When our clients follow these steps with a plan of action, they see their fitness results achieved faster and safer than when they attempt to accomplish their goals “all on their own”.

Fit Life Champions has been impacting lives in Denver, Co for over four years.  We specialize in 25-40-year-old women that want to begin a strength training program safely in-person and online. To book a complimentary consultation follow the below instructions!

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