Workout At Home

Who are we?

At Fit Life Champions, we create online workouts for body adults like you to exercise at home around your busy schedule.

Why do busy adults have such great results as members of Fit Life?

Often, our clients want results from regular exercise and nutrition advice with a convenient at home workout that can be completed in under an hour.

Our educational workout and nutrition programs help busy adults reach their goals quickly and safely through low risk, high reward exercises in a go-anywhere user friendly platform. Here’s a video taken directly from the program!

For the past ten years, we’ve been working with busy adults that are trying to fit their workouts into their schedules around children and work that frequently doesn’t leave them with the energy to start a workout program. Because of their busy lives, our members also don’t have the time or resources to research what it takes to create and effective and safe workout they can complete on their own anytime, anywhere.

Over the time we’ve delivered online programs to our members, we have updated our workouts to be more mobile-friendly, more convenient, and safer body weight workout programs that can completed anywhere, anytime.  When you sign up with our workouts, you will receive 15 new workouts each month that can be completed with zero equipment, limited space, and in just 30 minutes. 

What’s included in your Body Weight Warrior program?

You will also receive weekly coaching calls to ask your workout, safety, and nutrition questions.  You will also have access to a tight knit community where you can ask fellow members any question, anytime and we will help you work through it.  

When you begin to workout consistently, you will find that you have more energy, more confidence, less stress, and you will see body composition changes quickly.  You will have more energy to play with their kids, perform better at work, and enjoy your hobbies and active lifestyle to your truest potential.

  • Included in your program is…
  • Mobile friendly body weight workouts in just 10-30 minutes
  • 15 new workouts per month
  • Circuits, HIIT, Shadow boxing, kickboxing, yoga and more!
  • Private coaching community to ask us anything!
  • Accountability and meal prep workshops through macro nutrient coaching!

Who is your coach?

My name is Dave Glaser, CSCS, with ten years of coaching experience and I have worked with athletes of all kinds and at all levels, including a professional soccer player with the Colorado Rapids.  I graduated with an exercise science and adult fitness degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver and interned at The University of Denver in their strength and conditioning department.  

Quality personal training services for busy adults in the Denver metro area.

I have owned Fit Life Champions for the past ten years helping busy adults and athletes reach their fitness and nutrition goals through low risk, high reward fitness programs.  Along the way, I have received additional certifications that helped me learn valuable tools to coach clients such as Precision Nutrition, USA-Weightlifting, NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist, and NSCA- Certified Personal Trainer.

What are actual members saying about their workouts?

In the fall of 2019, I coached a high school senior and soccer goalie to improve speed, power, agility, and performance. Early in 2020, he was awarded with a professional soccer contract with the Colorado Rapids in Denver, Colorado.

He is one of many satisfied clients and upon completion of our eight-week Elite Performance program, Abraham, 18 said, “Couldn’t have done it without you Dave!”

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Adam, 30, said this about our program, “Dave is a fantastic motivator that will customize your workout to maximize your time and effort. Truly a professional who only wants to make his clients happy and successful.”

Sarah, 36, mentioned us to a friend, “Dave is such an amazing trainer, the BEST. Every workout is different, each one challenging mentally and physically pushing my body to get to my goals! Dave’s knowledge, professionalism, and encouraging personality helps me push myself and keep me coming back with an excellent attitude each day I train with him!”

Alanna‘s Success Story!

I am passionate about helping people improve their fitness and nutrition so that they can realize their true potential in every area of their lives.  When you reach reasonable fitness goals consistently, your confidence grows so that you can improve many other areas of your life. 

Alanna was in her mid-20s when she reached out over Facebook messenger.  She had been working with a nutritionist for her hypoglycemia for a short while and they recommended that she begin a fitness workout routine. 

Alanna set up a consultation with me where we covered every goal she wished to achieve before her wedding in six months.  One of her major goals was to feel her best in her wedding dress.  Alanna didn’t live close enough to the gym to have in person training with a coach make sense so she began with our online workout program.  She also was planning a wedding so online personal training fit her budget best. 

Alanna always found the motivation to make it to the gym but she lacked the expertise to make her limited time there valuable.  Working out on her own three days a week was frustrating because she wasn’t seeing results.

After three months of online personal training and meal prep coaching with me, Alanna lost 20 pounds and 30 inches of circumference in her hips, arms, and abdomen.  She reached every goal she set and more so that she felt her best in her wedding dress!  Alanna is able to keep up with her active lifestyle after reaching her goals without stopping to catch her breath!
Here are some before and after photographs plus her and I at her wedding!  At that time, Alanna said this about her workout program, ‘Thank you so much for helping me lose 32 pounds!!! FitLife has changed my life in so many good ways and I will continue the program even after the wedding to reach my full potential! Thank you soooo much!!!”

Fitness transformation from women’s personal training and meal prep.

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Men and women from around the world are using this program and seeing results.  Kyle, 35, from Highlands Ranch was a client for 3.5 years online. Over the course of that time, Kyle set his sights on competing on America Ninja Warrior and reached that goal in May of 2017! 

Boyce, 32, from Westminster, Co was a nutrition client for 1.5 years.  He came to me because getting into the gym was not the problem.  His lifestyle and career caused him to ignore his nutrition so that he gained weight to become almost 300 pounds.  Over the course of his time with us, he lost almost 100 pounds and has kept it off for the past three years.

Sarah, 45, from Sedalia, Co has been an in-person and online client for over 4 years!  During that time, she completely changed her nutrition to quality over quantity and has since lost 15 pounds and 30 inches in her circumference measurements.  She is now able to perform at her best as a busy entrepreneur and multiple business owner.

Many busy adults like you have difficulty with making time for exercise. With our online training programs, clients can workout at home around their busy schedule and now they can play with their kids and live their active lifestyles with energy and confidence.

  • Included in your program is…
  • Mobile friendly body weight workouts in just 10-30 minutes
  • 15 new workouts per month
  • Circuits, HIIT, Shadow boxing, kickboxing, yoga and more!
  • Private coaching community to ask us anything!
  • Accountability and meal prep workshops through macro nutrient coaching!

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