How To Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Getting enough calories in a plant-based diet. The hardest part of a new diet is getting the right amount of calories to reach your goals. This is especially true when the diet switch is bigger, like moving to a vegan diet or even a more strict vegetarian one. While yes, one of the major reasons for moving to a diet can be to lose weight, we still have to pay attention to how many calories we’re taking in, how many are being burned, where they're coming from, and what nutrients we might be missing as we move towards our goal....

Sticking To A Plant-Based Diet: Is It Sustainable?

Well, it's been a whole month since my partner and I began our little plant-based journey. It's given my energy levels a big boost, I have new meals to cook, and tons of new knowledge to chew on alongside the whole foods. But...A couple weeks in, I was reminded of just how tough old habits are. You know, I was wondering if I would be able to keep up with my plant-based nutrition plan, and when my more "traditional" eating habits would kick in! Here's the story. While attending a men's group meeting, where we have each brought an item...
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